Python cluster client for the official redis cluster. Redis 3.0+.
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This client provides a client for redis cluster that was added in redis 3.0.

This project is a port of redis-rb-cluster by antirez, with alot of added functionality. The original source can be found at

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All documentation can be found at

This Readme contains a reduced version of the full documentation.

Upgrading instructions between each released version can be found here

Changelog for next release and all older releasess can be found here


Latest stable release from pypi

$ pip install redis-py-cluster

Usage example

Small sample script that shows how to get started with RedisCluster. It can also be found in examples/

>>> from rediscluster import StrictRedisCluster

>>> # Requires at least one node for cluster discovery. Multiple nodes is recommended.
>>> startup_nodes = [{"host": "", "port": "7000"}]

>>> rc = StrictRedisCluster(startup_nodes=startup_nodes, decode_responses=True)

>>> rc.set("foo", "bar")
>>> print(rc.get("foo"))

License & Authors

Copyright (c) 2013-2018 Johan Andersson

MIT (See docs/License.txt file)

The license should be the same as redis-py (