PHP 5.3 library to read and manipulate Git repository.
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PHP 5.3 Git Repository

Manage a Git repository with PHP. Provide an object oriented wrapper to run any Git command and manage versioned files.


  • PHP >= 5.3
  • Git >= 1.5

Instanciate a Git\Repository

use Git\Repository;
$repo = new Repository('/path/to/the/git/repo');

It does NOT create a Git repo, but a PHP object to manipulate an existing Git repo.

Create a Git repository

If the Git repository does not exist yet on filesystem, Git\Repository can create it for you.

$repo = Git\Repository::create('/path/to/the/git/repo');

It runs git init and returns a Git\Repository object.

Run git commands

git commands can be run with the same syntax as in the CLI. Some examples:

// change current branch to master
$repo->git('checkout master');

// pull from a remote
$repo->git('pull origin master');

// add a remote repo
$repo->git('remote add origin git://');

There is no limitation, you can run any git command.

The git() method returns the output string:

echo $repo->git('log --oneline');

e30b70b Move test repo to system tmp dir, introduce Git\Command
01fabb1 Add test repo
12a95e6 Add base class with basic unit test
58e7769 Fix readme
c14c9ec Initial commit

The git() method throws a GitRuntimeException if the command is invalid:

$repo->git('wtf'); // this git command does NOT exist: throw Git\Exception\GitRuntimeException

Get branches informations

Some shortcut methods are provided to deal with branches in a convenient way.

Get the branches list:

$branches = $repo->getBranches();
// returns array('master', 'other_branch')

Get the current branch:

$branch = $repo->getCurrentBranch();
// returns 'master'

Know if the repo has a given branch:

$hasBranch = $repo->hasBranch('master');
// returns true

Get tags informations

Get the tags list:

$tags = $repo->getTags();
// returns array('first_release', 'v2')

Get commits informations

You can get an array of the last commits on the current branch.

$commits = $repo->getCommits(15);
// returns an array of the 15 last commits

Internally, this methods run git log with formatted output. It returns an array of Git\Commit.

The first commit is the more recent one.

Debug mode

Git\Repository constructor second parameter lets you enable debug mode. When debug mode is on, commands and their output are displayed.

$repo = new Git\Repository('/path/to/the/git/repo', true);


Git\Repository can be configured by passing an array of options to the constructor third parameter.

Change git executable path

You may need to provide the path to the git executable.

$repo = new Git\Repository('/path/to/the/git/repo', false, array('git_executable' => '/usr/bin/git'));

On most Unix system, it's /usr/bin/git. On Windows, it may be C:\Program Files\Git\bin.

If the executable is invalid, you will get a GitRuntimeException with code 127.

Change the command class

By default, Git\Repository will use Git\Command class to implement Git commands. By replacing this option, you can use your own command implementation:

$repo = new Git\Repository('/path/to/the/git/repo', false, array('command_class' => 'myGitCommand'));

Run test suite

All code is fully unit tested. You will need PHPUnit to run tests. First create a copy of phpunit.xml.dist

cp phpunit.xml.dist phpunit.xml

Then run the tests with PHPUnit: