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Repository for the GrooveStats Launcher for the Simply Love SM5 theme.


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As mentioned in the latest release notes here, v1.6.0 was the final release.

Development has moved on to concentrate only on ITGmania releases going forward so we recommend you migrate if you're still interested in GrooveStats functionality.

This repo still contains relevant info regarding setting up API keys and such will remain around, but development has ceased.

GrooveStats Launcher

Release Video

What is It?

The launcher allows StepMania themes to connect to GrooveStats via its API. StepMania doesn't allow themes to make network requests, so a separate program is required to do that.

  • For pad players only
  • Has the following features:
    • Automatic score submission
    • Top scores and rivals in the songwheel
    • Leaderboards accessible via the menu
    • SRPG integration, including auto-downloading unlocked songs
    • Hidden Dogecoin miner 🐕

How to Install

  • Install StepMania. Currently supported versions are 5.0, 5.1 beta 2 and 5.3 (aka Outfox). If you use Outfox please make sure to use the latest alpha release.

  • Set up the Simply Love theme. You will need version 5.0.0 or later. Older versions don't support GrooveStats features.

    Digital Dance (1.0.0 or later) and Waterfall (0.7 or later) also have support for GrooveStats features.

  • Install the launcher. There is a Windows installer, a Linux tarball with a setup script and a macOS app available.

    The installer for Windows is not signed, so you will have to click through a couple of security dialogs when running it.

    The Linux tarball contains binaries for the amd64 and i386 architectures. You can either just run the binaries by hand or you use the bundled setup script to install the launcher system-wide and add it to the application menu of you desktop environment.

    cd Downloads
    tar xzf gslauncher-linux.tar.gz
    cd gslauncher
    sudo ./

    Check the settings after the first launch and adapt the path to your StepMania executable and to the data directory.

    welcome screen

    You can also check out our other download options or build the launcher yourself.

Setting up your GrooveStats API Key

  • Enable local profiles in the theme settings if you haven't already. Alternatively, you can use USB profiles.

  • You'll need to generate a GrooveStats.ini file in your profile folder. This can be done in one of two ways:

    • Enter the Music Select screen when logged into a profile. This will automatically generate the file for you.

    • Identify your LocalProfile, and manually create a GrooveStats.ini with the following contents:

    • IsPadPlayer=1 indicates that you are playing on a pad (and not a keyboard). If you're using a keyboard, then set this to 0. In that case your scores will not be submitted to GrooveStats, but other functionality will be active.

  • To obtain your API key to make requests to the GrooveStats service, log into your GrooveStats account and visit the Update Profile page to generate and copy your API key. Paste the API key after the ApiKey= in the GrooveStats.ini file.

    GrooveStats API key

  • If you want the launcher to immediately launch StepMania after startup (useful for scripts) you can run it with the -autolaunch option. When using that option the launcher also automatically exits when StepMania has been closed and there are no pending unlocks.

  • Still have questions or run into problems? Visit the GrooveStats Discord and ask for help.

Links for Developers & Themers

Are you a theme developer who is interested in integrating the gslauncher into your theme? Please contact us before doing so!