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Groovy is a feature-rich Discord Bot. His main-feature is to play specific songs available on YouTube via high quality streaming.
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Groovy is a feature-rich, experienced and well maintained Discord-bot. His main function is to play high quality music.


Command Function
play (Song) Plays a specific song
pause Pauses the bot
resume Resumes the bot
loop Loops the current song
shuffle Activates the shuffle for the current queue
np Shows information about the current song
queue Shows the current queue
skip Skips the current song
seek (hh:mm:ss) Seeks to a specific position in the current song
restart Restarts the current song
remove (position/user) Removes a specific song from the queue
join Lets the bot join
leave Lets the bot disconnect
volume (1-100) Sets the volume
settings Shows the current settings and lets you change them
help Redirects you to here!
info Shows some information about the bot and his author
invite Shows some links!
support Shows the support message
shard Shows the shard you are on and the total amount
stats Shows the stats

Want to support?

We'd love to hear about that! You are able to support with money by donating on patreon, that would help us a lot, but you are able to support without money by voting for Groovy here! Thank you so much <3


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