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Tools for syncing Salesforce objects to Plone Dexterity content
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collective.salesforce.content provides a Dexterity behavior for setting up Plone Dexterity content types that are connected to objects in a database. Arbitrary schema fields can be mapped and updated periodically based on automatic queries to Salesforce.

This is currently an integrator-level package with minimal UI. As consultants, we have used this functionality as a foundation for solving use cases like:

  • Expose a member directory on a public Plone website based on Account or Contact records pulled from each night.
  • Provide browseable and searchable tables of arbitrary data whose canonical storage is in
  • In conjunction with dexterity.membrane, allow users represented in to log in to a Plone site, with appropriate roles based on their status in
  • Pull pricing records from Salesforce as a basis for charging the correct amount in online transactions on the Plone website.


Read the documentation.

Issue Tracker

Submit issues.


collective.salesforce.content was created by the web team at Groundwire, including Matt Yoder, David Glick, Ryan Foster, and Jon Baldivieso.

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