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French non-profit organization founded by @PlugNPush, @NathanFallet and @JohnPoliakov. We create apps and services to serve the planet. Made in France

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  1. CraftSearch is the worldwide first innovative Minecraft search engine that finds you servers in-game since 2016. Connect with one click to the server YOU want.

    Java 2

  2. OCaml Public

    An OCaml editor, top level, and learning place for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

    Swift 25 2

  3. FMobile Série 3 est désormais open source !

    Swift 2 2

  4. A swift package to interact with a REST API

    Swift 8

  5. SwiftMC Public

    A Minecraft server and proxy written from scratch in Swift.

    Swift 15 2

  6. A view controller to make donations.

    Swift 5


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