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Welcome to the Titan project wiki!

Current instance url :

The goal of this project is to provide you a Logstash instance to test the parsing of a log file using Logstash.

It was and will never be mean to read or write to an external source, such as Elasticsearch, Redis, Kafka, etc.

Each time you launch the processing of your configuration, your full configuration will be saved in local, which mean that they will be persistant between your sessions !

You wil be able to :

  • Enter some extra inputs fields, such as type, filepath, etc., depending of your original real input
  • Enter some representative data from the original logs files
  • Build your logstash configuration from scratch in the embedded editor

Should I use the web version or download it in local ?

It will depends :

  • Some small prototypes ? Web

  • Do you use credentials of any kind ? Local

  • Are you data sensitive ? Local

  • Lots of persons will use it ? Local

  • Do you use it often ? Local

Benefits of using it locally (on your workstation / server)

  • Will be faster
  • Your data are safe
  • You're able to customize your Logstash instances (versions, plugins, etc.)
  • Some features are unlocked :
    • Upload full log files
    • Prototype basic Logstash configuration filter for any data type (Beta)
    • Share a configuration between multiple persons (copy / paste link)
    • Estimations about grok performances in Grok Debugger
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