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A tool for making wiki pictures of ESP Easy web gui
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ESP Easy Webdumper

ESP Easy Webdumper GUI


ESP Easy Webdumper is originally a application to do screenshots of the ESP Easy web GUI for the wiki. I made it since the web interface is constantly changing and keeping up with the screenshots was getting more challenging when the project expands. Its a fun problem to overcome.

You may use this tool for getting screenshots of your unit to be uploaded to the forum if you need help. A screenshot is a perfect start when trying to explain your problem and for other community members to see what you may have done wrong or need to be aware off. A nice side effect of the tool is that these screenshots and downloads of the rules and config files are a great way of keeping backups for your units.


+ Screenshot all pages, including subpages
+ Download all rule files
+ Download the config.dat file
+ Batch run multiple IP addresses (via batch file and command line switch /IP_NUMBER)
+ Batch run scheadule for daily or weekly backups (via batch file and command line switch /IP_NUMBER)
+ Compress results into a zip file
- Possibility to pick sub-sub-pages to dump (i.e. not all 12 task pages etc.)


  • ONLY WINDOWS is supported (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and possibly older versions as well)
  • is needed for the screenshots, download and place it in the same directory as the ESP Easy Webdumper exe file.
  • Log files for each webdump will be placed in the Log folder under the subfolder of that unit.
  • Batch mode is possible using a batch file and call the application with this switch: "ESP.Easy.Webdumper.exe /IP_NUMBER=192.168.x.xx". The app will exit once a dump is completed. If you want the small window to not show up during the batch mode you need to add "/SILENT=1" to the command line.

I plan add more features on a weekly basis. Thanks for all the feedback!


+ Green is a feature already implemented
- Red is on the todo-list


  • GUI is messed up on Windows 10 (at least) compared to Windows 7 (which I compile the exe on). I will try to fix this in future releases, BETA, but as of now I focus on the core function. The main problem comes from W10 willingness of showing the interface with zoom activated. Reverting it to 100% fixes some of the messiness.

ESP Easy Webdumper GUI 2

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