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this should just be -- no point in separating it out to be staging particularly.

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Our thought here was to reduce confusion for people testing multiple deployments of the app.


Again, just make it ... I don't see what point there is in separating this out.


This is risky. Our policies are actually kept in the Growstuff/policy repo, which is their official home. If/when we update them, we copy the content of each policy across to Growstuff/growstuff. This gives us a couple of advantages:

  • a more human-readable place for people to come see our policies and their histories
  • we can have policy discussions and make changes to policies without them getting all tangled up in the dev history of the growstuff app

The downside is that with the copy-pasting across, any code in the views (such as the call to the config, here) will be overwritten. But if we include it in the policy repo, it will be unreadable by the humans who might go there to take a look.

Not sure what the end result of this should be. It's confusing.

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Not sure what the correct solution is to the email address issue (if someone forks the site then we don't want to get media queries relating to their deployment!), but it might make more sense to use git-submodule or git-subtree to handle the inclusion rather than explicitly copying-and-pasting documents. I have used git-submodule and found it fairly straightforward, but I'm told git-subtree (which I haven't used) is better.

cesy and others added some commits Mar 29, 2013
@cesy cesy Removing policy folder in preparation for lining it up with policy re…
@cesy cesy Add 'app/views/policy/' from commit '55eda9ef694388e61464fa406033c079…

git-subtree-dir: app/views/policy
git-subtree-mainline: 7e4500a
git-subtree-split: 55eda9e
@cesy cesy Removed unnecesarry readme and renamed policy files
for Growstuff code repository version of policy
using git subtree
@cesy cesy Wrap policy in haml and make email addresses configurable 18b7214
@pozorvlak pozorvlak Merge pull request #2 from cesy/emailconfig
Policy subtree
@pozorvlak pozorvlak Make site_name, company_name and host_name config vars. c3db4a0
@pozorvlak pozorvlak Include policy .mds from HAML
git-subtree doesn't like us for having renamed files. This was our
attempt to fix that. It doesn't work :-( None of the embedded code in
the Markdown files gets interpreted.

This seems to be stalled/insoluble for now. Closing; we can reopen sometime later if we figure out what we want to do.

@Skud Skud closed this Apr 30, 2013
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