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Welcome to the Flattehn wiki!

To download and experiment for yourself

  • Download the repo at trunk / a tag (tagged versions like "v0.9" reflect actual release code at those versions)
    • Don't have / want Git? Hit the "downloads" link-button to get a zip.
  • Extract the archive somewhere
  • Launch Chrome
  • Navigate to "chrome://extensions", or click the wrench icon -> "tools" -> "extensions".
  • Expand the "Developer mode" link on the top-right of the page
  • "Load unpacked extension", and select the folder you extracted to.
    • If it's installed, seriously consider disabling the official extension: click the "disable" link. Running multiple versions may very well cause them to collide / do unexpected things.
  • Enjoy / rule the world. Changes made to files are typically not hot-loaded by Chrome, so you will have to click the "reload" link on the extension to load any changes you have made.

Extra info:

  • Chrome APIs used:
    • Tabs (this is why the extension has "access to your browsing history". It's necessary to have an on/off button.)
  • Other code used:
    • jQuery 1.4.4 (specifically, 1.4.4.min.js from jQuery's CDN. Unmodified.)
    • CSSRule (moderately-modified for my own purposes / cleanup / bugfixes)