Hacktastic way to get your data out of JP Morgan Chase
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DEPRECATED: Banking.js and Banking.cs do work with chase so this isn't really needed anymore and trying to keep up with the changes to an internal api is a pita so I'm not planning to do it anymore. I'd also recommend looking at Plaid if your looking to get ahold of financial data.


Hacktastic way to get your data out of JP Morgan Chase

I've been looking for a way to get my info out of Chase for quite a while. I even tried paying for Direct OFX access @ $10 a month (WTF!). All to no avail. So I wrote this to take advantage of m.chase.com's use of a one page app (aka poor mans api) for iPhones.

Pull requests and critiques accepted, though the former are more poignant with a pull request.

bash npm install chase-bank


var chase = require('chase-bank');
var _ = require('underscore');