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userscripts I make for various purposes
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Right Sidebar Toggler
VisualCrumbs (Stack Visuals) 2.0 WIP


userscripts I make for various purposes



Right Sidebar Toggler

For people not interested in all the features of VisualCrumbs, this is a script that just gives you the ability to toggle the right sidebar the same way VisualCrumbs does.

Stack Reminder

Stack Reminder allows you to save questions/answers to a special list, each with their own custom flag to remind you why you wanted the reminder in the first place.

This tool is a great resource when you are browsing around Stack Exchange, but cannot contribute until later. This will let you mark anything you would like to come back to later.

Stack Reminder hooks your reminder list into my API service, which will allow you to access your list from any computer, or even share your list with other people.

You'll need to generate a free API key on the Stack Reminder backend, then install the userscript. Once the userscript is installed, it will pop up a prompt requesting your API key.

  • (Note: If you are greeted with the prompt "A userscript wants to access a cross-origin resource.", Please click "Always Allow Domain")*
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