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Python wrapper to communicate with Goodreads API.
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Python wrapper to communicate with Goodreads API.

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Getting Started

Basic Setup and Requests

import goodreads

client = goodreads.Client(client_id="abc123", client_secret="IsolemnlyswearIamuptonogood") # Secret is optional

Retrieve books:

book = client.book_title(author='Chuck Palahniuk', title='Fight Club')
book.title # => 'Fight Club'    # => '5759'
book.authors # => [< instance at 0x108dda7a0>]

Retrieve authors:

author = book.authors[0] # => 'Chuck Palahniuk'   # => '2546'
author.average_rating # => '3.80'

Convert author name to/from ID:

author_id = client.get_author_id('Chuck Palahniuk') # => '2546'
client.author_by_id(author_id).name # => 'Chuck Palahniuk'

Convert book ISBN to ID:

book_id = client.get_book_id('0393327345') # => '5759'

OAuth Setup

Some methods require Open Authentication (OAuth) If you already have access tokens, then you can authenticate directly:


If you don't have access tokens, then authentication is a two step process. (Callbacks are not yet supported)

>To authorize access visit:

Note: this url will automatically be opened in your browser. After authorizing goodreads enter 'y' in to the console.

>Have you authorized me? (y/n) y
access_token, access_token_secret = client.get_access_tokens() # Save these for later!
OAuth Examples:

Get information about the authenticated user:

user_id, user_name = client.get_auth_user() # => ('1337', 'Neville Longbottom')

Get a user's friends from a user ID:

friends = client.get_friends('1374963', num=30) # => (('1338', 'Hannah Abbott'), ('666', ' Bellatrix Lestrange'))

Compare authenticated user's books to another's:

comparison = client.compare_books('8118135')
comparison.not_in_common #> 70
comparison.your_library_percent #> 8.16
comparison.their_library_percent #> 31.37
comparison.your_total_books_count #> 392
comparison.their_total_books_count #> 102
comparison.common_count #> 32[10]['title'] #> The Time Machine[10]['your_rating'] #> 4[10]['their_rating'] #> 3
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