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Configuration Examples

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Regexs for various languages

If you are modifying the settings directly in settings.json you'll need to escape the backslashes, as shown in these examples. If you are using the setting GUI, you only need one backslash.


"todo-tree.regex.regex": "(//|#|<!--|/\\*|^\\s*\\*)\\s*($TAGS)"

It will match

  • //
  • #
  • <!--
  • /*,
  • * (for JSDoc)

Also works with JS, BASH, PHP, HTML, CSS, MD, JSON, XML.

Ocaml (and other ML languages using (* comment *) style comments)

"todo-tree.regex.regex": "(//|#|<!--|;|/\\*|^|\\(\\*)\\s*($TAGS)"


"todo-tree.regex.regex": "(//|#|<!--|;|/\\*|^|\\(\\*|--)\\s*($TAGS)"


To match standard @todo tags:

"todo-tree.regex.regex": "(//|#|<!--|;|/?\\*|^)\\s*($TAGS)",
"todo-tree.general.tags": [


A useful exclude globs list:

"todo-tree.filtering.excludeGlobs": [
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