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Nov 30, 2018
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Sonoff Homekit

This firmware makes the Sonoff WIFI Smart Switch compatible with Apple Homekit!

Sonoff  Works with Apple Homekit

Homekit runs on the Sonoff ! 😳

Unlike other projects on github, this firmware does NOT require anything else in order to work. It is not based on the Tasmota Fw, you don't need HomeBridge running on a Raspberry-Pi or an MQTT server, since HomeKit runs natively are enough a Wi-Fi connection and an Apple Device!

The implementation use Apple provided specifications for developers, so it is a stable and supported software and it will keep working for a long time.

Now you finally can have a HomeKit devices without spending a lot of money!

Compatible Devices

This Software is currently tested on: Sonoff Basic, Sonoff Slampher, Sonoff S26 (thanks Arjan)

Video Demo

Click on the image for play the video:

New Functionalities

Web Page Controller

For control your Sonoff from a non Apple device just navigate to the Sonoff IP address and a web page will allow you to turn it on or off

Rest APIs

A full set of Rest APIs are available:

  • /on
  • /off
  • /toggle
  • /state

All the request are in GET and are relative to the IP address of the Sonoff. In order to turn on the Sonoff at IP you can: $ curl

AutoReconnect after power outage

A problem with the old firmware was that after a power outage the Sonoff was immediately searching for the stored WIFI connection, but since the router was still powering on the Sonoff was prompting the configuration procedure. Now this problem is fixed, if the Sonoff does not have a WIFI Connection every 10min the Sonoff will restart.

Selectable PowerOn state

By default the Sonoff will have a Enabled state at power on, you can change this by selecting "OFF" in the script

Installation Instructions

Flash the Sonoff

  1. Unplug your sonoff from the power line (or you can burn your PC)
  2. Connect your Sonoff to a serial adapter @ 3.3v
  3. Run the script

Add Sonoff to Home app

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the new wifi network Sonoff Switch-xxx
  2. Wait for the Captive Portal and select your WiFi network
  3. Insert your WiFi Password
  4. Open the Home app
  5. Click the + symbol
  6. Click I don't have the code...
  7. Select the Sonoff-xxx Switch 7.1 If the Sonoff-xxx does not appear on top of the page try to press the sonoff button a couple of times and kill the Home App
  8. Confirm that you want to add the Sonoff
  9. Insert the Password that is 11111111

Done! πŸŽ‰

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  • A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial that will help you to flash and connect your Sonoff
  • A personal E-Mail where you can write to me your Issues

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