Vert.x based MQTT Broker
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MQTT broker implementation based on Vert.x.

Moquette for coder and decoder implementation of MQTT messages.

Quick Start

Requires Vert.x 3.1.x and Maven 3+

git clone
cd vertx-mqtt-broker
mvn clean install

run as normal java ...

java -jar target/vertx-mqtt-broker-<version>-fat.jar -c config.json


  • Suport both QoS 0, 1 and 2 messages
  • Persistence and session management (cleanSession=false)
  • Multi-tenancy: isolation of topics and storage, (username@tenant)
  • Pluggable authentication
  • MQTT over WebSocket
  • Retain flag
  • Oauth2 authentication integrated with WSO2 Identity Server and
  • TLS support over TCP and Websocket
  • Multiple tcp connections configurable in the same broker instance
  • Broker-to-Broker bidirectional bridge over TCP, websocket with TLS support