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GryfenCoin Specifications PoW/PoS:X15

1 Trillion Coins

60 Second Block Time

120 confirmations for blocks to mature.

Proof of Stake Interest: 3% per year, 24 hour minting cycle.

Fluctuating Difficulty Level with SuperBlocks, Bonus Zones, Regular Blocks

Premine: 0.25% reducing to 0.025%-0.050% to fuel and back the options market. Block #1 is pre-mine (0.0025 X 1 Trillion = 2.5 Billion PREMINE for backing Options Market.) Block #2-100 = 1 GRFY Block #101-500 = 2 GRYF Block #501 -1000 = 4 GRFY Block #1001 - End = Random rewardsas noted below:

Block Rewards halving yearly, as follows: 74% Chance of 50 GRFY 24% Chance of 500 GRFY 0.4% Chance of 2,500 GRFY 0.2% Chance of 5,000 GRFY 0.1% Chance of 50,000 GRFY

Difficulty: Like Bitcoin, but changes every block.

If account overflows past 0.050%, it will direct towards users.

Interest staked from Premine account sold to users in weekly shares with future coin deliveries to fund development.

Premine of 0.25% (with reduction) will back Options market with 0.05% House supply limit.

Mining confirmation and transaction fees: Miners keep 50% Transaction fees 25% go to users in super faucet 25% goes to back GryfX Options Market

Backed by Gold & fueled by daily exchange microtransaction fees! 2,500,000,000 2.5 Billion Coin Premine

We sell GryfenCoins & weekly shares on GryfX: Coin proceeds only go to physical backing with proof.&

connection port: 19819 | 9819 rpc port: 19820 | 9820