Python based web server to Control IR based TV/Set-Top-Boxes via any Smartphones/HTTPClients
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Python Based Server that control IR based appliances using ESP8266

This project helps to control any IR based appliances using ESP8266 chip with IR transmitter.


This project ultimate goal is to make any smartphone to control any IR based appliance using low cost IR-command sending setup to less than 5$.

To acheive goal, I selected ESP8266 processor and 9$ Chip Computer. ESP8266 code kept as dumb as possible and move all IR-code intelligence (and related IR code database for various possible IR appliances) to a cheap Linux based SoC. For the time being, I chose 9$ Chip, but one can choose Raspberry (or any computer that runs Python and has network connectvity to ESP8266 chip that controls the IR appliance).

Dependent Projects


Pre Requisitives

  • Install python 2.7
  • apt-get install python-twisted python-twisted-web

Third party code/tools used

  • Used PyIrToy code for working IR transmitter for USB IR Toy -- Optional (as I was not using USB IR Toy for sending IR codes, as the USB IR Toy costs 19$ and my goal is to reduce the cost of this DIY project to less than 5$)
  • UML diagams -- Optional

Run Server

python --http-url

Logs can be seen at phRemote.log in same directory where we run above program


  • Test HTTP communications with python server working or not by using curl command like:
curl http://your_python_server_ipurl/ir/change?code=power&model=tv

Where 'power' and 'tv' are defined PhoneRemote-Server/

Add new codes for new TV/IR-Appliance: