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User script to download videos from the ARTE+7 website
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ARTE-Downloader 3.1 Licence

A browser addon to offer download options under videos on Arte website.

  • Select the language and the quality.
  • Download the video and its description.


You can choose to either install this as a browser addon, or as a script.

Firefox Add the extension from: github Step 1: get a script manager
Step 2: install the script!
and drop it on your extensions page (chrome://extensions)
Step 1: get a script manager
Step 2: install the script!


Why should I use this addon ? If you often travel with poor Internet connections, now you can download videos to watch them later.

The video opens in a tab ? Save it with CTRL+S.

I want to download a livestream ?

  • step 1: install VLC and launch it
  • step 2: copy the livestream link under the video (right click / copy link)
  • step 3: in VLC: CTRL+R > network tab > CTRL+V > "Convert/Save video"


It won't work as intended ? Report your issue here.

Why ? ARTE is an amazing place for culture. If you don't have a TV : ARTE website is the only way to watch it. About ARTE:


@Bumbadawg, @GuGuss, @oncletom, @aug-riedinger, @maxlath, @uahim, @walialu


This script is for personal use only. You alone have the responsability for any usage which could be against ARTE privacy policy.

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