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AstroPhoto Plus - Astrophotography sequence server

A lightweight, web based astrophotography sequence generator and INDI client written in Python and React.

AstroPhoto Plus allows you to start and manage an astrophotography sequence directly from your browser, even remotely by using the now very popular SoC boards such as the Raspberry Pi.

Right now it provides an INDI control panel, and a sequence management interface allowing you to control camera, filter wheel and other properties, as well as image previewing, and it is then perfect for lightweight setups using a Raspberry Pi as shooting board, a star tracker (Star Adventurer and similar) and a CMOS/CCD camera.

In the future I also plan to support telescope interfaces (GOTO/tracking), focus helpers, plate solving, and possibly autoguiding using PHD2 APIs.

Installation, screenshots and docs

Please see the website.

Desktop client

A desktop client wrapping the web interface can be found here: AstroPhoto Plus Desktop

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