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1.0.0 First major release

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· 137 commits to master since this release
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After a long extensive testing phase, and new features addition, here's the first major release of AstroPhoto Plus


  • Simple yet powerful image sequences module, with time lapse options
  • Plate solving
  • Compatibility with lots of cameras, filter wheels and more thanks to the INDI Library.
  • Client/Server model:
    • Server: you can install the server on a small, lightweight device, such as a Raspberry Pi, Intel Compute Stick and similar
    • Client: HTML5 Application (React): no need to download and install anything, compatible with any device with a browser (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone).

Full changelog:

[1.0.0] - 17/02/2019

First major release - Also renaming to Astro Photo Plus

New features:

  • Plate solving, featuring a sky map highlighting solution when found.
  • Allow to edit sequence after creation (name, camera, filter wheel, directory).
  • allow to stop and resume sequences.
  • import/export sequences to JSON files.
  • Add "Pause" sequence job, to suspend sequences (for manual refocusing, for instance).
  • INDI autoconnect: connect automatically to INDI Server at startup, or when starting INDI service, and also automatically connect to devices.
  • Correctly handle colour images in Camera page (debayer).
  • Timelapse and groups mode: pause between shots or groups of shots in a sequence.


  • Add '(copy)' suffix to duplicated sequences
  • add "Exposures" card with info about total, finished and remaining shots of a sequence (number and time)
  • allow to "reset" sequences to restart them, or even single sequence jobs.
  • switch to INDI blob for sequences (speed/reliability improvement)
  • Images database optimization
  • Histogram improvements
  • Add "Wait for value" checkbox to INDI property job. This way when changing a property that takes time to get to the desired value (for instance: CCD temperature) it will wait for the value to settle before going forward.
  • Add min/max validation for exposure sequence item depending on camera values
  • Better name for sequence files if no filter wheel is available
  • Autodetect stale sequences
  • Support binning in Camera page
  • Add Histogram in sequence images
  • Lots of minor User Experience improvements


  • Block filter wheel sequence item creation if no filter wheel is defined on sequence
  • Fix histogram not reloading on image changing
  • improve values editing for numbers
  • Fix rare backend crash when camera image changes size


  • Make sure you use the new config file for nginx, to allow for big file uploads (necessary for Plate Solving)

[0.1.1] - 2018-08-03

User experience improvements

Various UI fixes, particularly for mobile devices.
Also added the capability of running shell commands, configured by $HOME/.config/AstroPhotoPlus/commands.json.

This is at the moment very useful for the Raspberry Pi image, to allow reboot, automatic updates and wifi configuration via the Settings page.
Sample configuration:

Added an AUR package for Arch Linux

[0.1.0] - 2018-07-29

First public beta

The following features are currently implemented:

  • INDI server management. Start, stop, connect to INDI, select drivers to load, and save profiles for future usage.
  • Sequences: exposures, filter wheel, change camera properties, and run shell command can be added to a sequence. Sequences can be copied to act as "template".
  • Camera: allow to get a preview of the field of view, exposure settings, histogram, and ROI selection for focusing.
  • Image browsing: you can view images shot by a sequence, preview them in your browser, or download the original FITS file.
  • Raspberry pi image available