Qt capture software for astronomy, mainly planetary shooting
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Qt capture software for astronomy, mainly planetary shooting.

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Supported Cameras

ZWO ASI Cameras (my camera is an ASI178mm), v4l2 (including DMK and Celestron Skyris), QHY, FLIR/Point Grey via FlyCapture2 (all interfaces), IIDC (including all FLIR/Point Grey FireWire and USB models).


  • Qt version >= 5.5
  • A recent boost library version (tested with 1.55 and above).
  • c++14 compliant compiler (tested with gcc >= 5 and clang)
  • OpenCV
  • boost (libboost-all-dev)
  • fxload (to load firmware on QHY cameras)
  • ccfits
  • libdc1394 (for IIDC driver)
  • FlyCapture2 SDK (for FLIR/Point Grey cameras)

Source download

You need to use the following commands to clone both planetary imager and its submodules. A simple git clone won't work!

Master (development) version:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/GuLinux/PlanetaryImager.git 

Stable release (replace 'v0.6.2' with the current stable release, if needed):

git clone --recursive -b v0.6.2 https://github.com/GuLinux/PlanetaryImager.git 

Compile Howto

These are generic instructions, and assume you're already familiar with building a package from sources. If not, please try binary releases first.

mkdir build
cd build
make all && sudo make install

To enable a driver not enabled by default, either add DEFAULT_ON as argument to add_driver() in driver's CMakeLists.txt file, or set BUILD_DRIVER_xxx:BOOL=ON in CMakeCache.txt in the build directory.

To run without installing, you must specify the drivers location as a parameter. E.g. when in build directory, use:

src/planetary_imager --drivers .


If you installed PlanetaryImager from a precompiled package, just use your package manager to remove it.

If you installed PlanetaryImager from sources, just go to the source directory where you compiled it, and run the folowing: cat install_manifest.txt | while read file; do [[ -r $file ]] && ! [[ -d $file ]] && sudo rm -f $file; done

When compiling from sources, it is often advised to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.

Windows version

Currently, windows snapshots are compiled using MXE. It has not been really tested a lot, but to help investigating problems, please try another Windows application first, to see if your camera driver is properly working.

OSX Version

I have been unable to create a binary package for OSX, since I don't really have a development environment on OSX, but I could do a few tests, and I managed to compile it by using homebrew

To get a working version, please follow these instructions:

  • Install homebrew, following instructions on their website

  • Run the following command to install dependencies:

    brew install git cmake qt5 cfitsio ccfits opencv3 boost

  • clone the repository (follow the instruction in the "Source download" section)

  • compile (follow instructions in "Compile Howto")

    • When running cmake, be sure to add the following directive (change Qt version if needed)


  • run planetary_imager from your command line

IIDC (libdc1394)

If you camera is not detected, you may need to use a newer version of libdc1394. In case of building the library on your own, the supported USB device ids are hard-coded in usb/control.c in usb_products[]. You can check your camera's VID/PID by calling lsusb, e.g. (for the Firefly MV camera):

Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1e10:2001 Point Grey Research, Inc.

FlyCapture2 (FLIR/Point Grey)

Installation of FlyCapture2 SDK is required (available from the FLIR website). On Windows, make sure to add the binaries directory to PATH (by default, C:\Program Files\Point Grey Research\FlyCapture2\bin64 or C:\Program Files (x86)\Point Grey Research\FlyCapture2\bin). On Linux, if your distribution does not use .deb package format (which is used by the SDK), simply unpack the packages manually. In any case, run the install script to create udev device rules.

When building from sources, make sure that the FC2_INCLUDE_DIR variable in src/drivers/flycapture2/CMakeLists.txt is set correctly.


Application Icon: Hat Saturn by Denis Sazhin. Toolbar/action icons: TWG Retina Display Icons, darkened and with a few customizations to add more actions. IIDC & FlyCapture2 drivers: Filip Szczerek (GreatAttractor).