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Lightweight INDI client tools for embedded use
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INDI Lite Tools

This project is a collection of simple tools for INDI astrophotography.

Currently it consists of two main projects:

The typical workflow of this set of applications would be:

  • start a screen session, or even better, tmux, for each shell, if you work remotely, to avoid killing the programs when you close your shell. It is recommended to start 3 sessions:
  1. indi server
  2. indi-ccd-preview
  3. indi-sequence-shell
  • start the indi-ccd-preview server
  • connect to indi-ccd-preview using your browser, to get an initial focus, choose the right field of view, and to get an initial preview of the correct exposures to use.
  • create the sequence using indi-sequence-shell
  • configure the sequence as described in indi-sequence-shell README
  • start the sequence
  • for each filter in the sequence, connect to indi-ccd-preview using your browser to refocus, then in the Misc tab you can automatically make the sequence continue.
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