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GU0001 Name the arguments.
GU0002 The position of a named argument should match.
GU0003 Name the parameters to match the assigned members.
GU0004 Assign all readonly members.
GU0005 Use correct argument positions.
GU0006 Use nameof.
GU0007 Prefer injecting.
GU0008 Avoid relay properties.
GU0009 Name the boolean parameter.
GU0010 Assigning same value.
GU0011 Don't ignore the return value.
GU0012 Check if parameter is null.
GU0013 Use correct parameter name.
GU0014 Prefer using parameter.
GU0015 Don't assign same more than once.
GU0016 Prefer lambda.
GU0020 Sort properties.
GU0021 Calculated property allocates reference type.
GU0022 Use get-only.
GU0023 Static members that initialize with other static members depend on document order.
GU0024 Seal type with default member.
GU0050 Ignore events when serializing.
GU0051 Cache the XmlSerializer.
GU0052 Mark exception with [Serializable].
GU0060 Enum member value conflict.
GU0070 Default-constructed value type with no no useful default
GU0071 Implicit casting done by the foreach
GU0072 All types should be internal.
GU0080 Parameter count does not match attribute.
GU0081 TestCase does not match parameters.
GU0082 TestCase is identical.
GU0083 TestCase Arguments Mismatch Method Parameters

Using Gu.Analyzers

The preferable way to use the analyzers is to add the nuget package Gu.Analyzers to the project(s).

The severity of individual rules may be configured using rule set files in Visual Studio 2015.


Gu.Analyzers can be installed using Paket or the NuGet command line or the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio 2015.

Install using the command line:

Install-Package Gu.Analyzers


The ruleset editor does not handle changes IDs well, if things get out of sync you can try:

  1. Close visual studio.
  2. Edit the ProjectName.rulset file and remove the Gu.Analyzers element.
  3. Start visual studio and add back the desired configuration.

Above is not ideal, sorry about this. Not sure this is our bug.

Current status

Early alpha, names and IDs may change.