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FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"
DEPENDS += "gdk-pixbuf-native"
PRINC = "8"
SRC_URI += "file://psplash-colors.h \
# NB: this is only for the main logo image; if you add multiple images here,
# poky will build multiple psplash packages with 'outsuffix' in name for
# each of these ...
SPLASH_IMAGES = "file://psplash-poky-img.png;outsuffix=default"
# The core psplash recipe is only designed to deal with modifications to the
# 'logo' image; we need to change the bar image too, since we are changing
# colors
do_configure_append () {
cd ${S}
cp ../psplash-colors.h ./
# strip the -img suffix from the bar png -- we could just store the
# file under that suffix-less name, but that would make it confusing
# for anyone updating the assets
cp ../psplash-bar-img.png ./psplash-bar.png
./ ./psplash-bar.png BAR
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