@Guad Guad released this Jul 26, 2015 · 92 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Added instructional buttons
  • Changed MenuPool so it's not static anymore
  • Changed LeftBadge & RightBadge properties to be read only and created a SetLeftBadge & SetRightBadge methods.
  • Added methods IsAnyMenuOpen and CloseAllMenus to MenuPool
  • Changed target framework to 4.5
  • Changed UI coordinate system to be aspect ratio independant
  • Added static methods to Sprite class: DrawTexture, WriteFileFromResources
  • Added 3 new events: UIMenuItem.Activated, UIMenuCheckboxItem.CheckboxEvent and UIMenuListItem.OnListChanged
  • Added ability to change audio pack
  • Added ability to change menu width: SetMenuWidthOffset
  • Added ability to change menu banner: SetBannerType
  • UIMenu no longer crashes when drawn with 0 items
  • Added ability to hold down a control
  • Added new method to UIMenuItem: SetRightLabel
  • Added a TextAlignment property to UIResText
  • Added a WordWrap property to UIResText