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Welcome to the NativeUI documentation.

What is NativeUI?

NativeUI is a ScriptHookDotNet based library that helps you quickly and easily build Rockstar-like menus.

Where do I begin?

Take a look at our Getting Started page.


  • Support for simple buttons, checkboxes and lists.
  • Support for custom banners from game sprites and your own textures.
  • Easy nested menus for fast and painless nested menu system.
  • Controller support.
  • Mouse controls.
  • Custom instructional buttons.
  • Support for all screen resolutions.
  • Item descriptions.
  • Rebindable keys and controls.
  • Badges to decorate your items.
  • Event-based callbacks.


Please, do not distribute the .dll with your mod. This causes many old versions floating around on the internet. Instead, point your users to this post.

Special Thanks

Thanks to jedijosh920 for helping out on natives and making it look a lot more like Rockstar, thanks man.

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