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Guake 3 README

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Guake is a python based dropdown terminal made for the GNOME desktop environment. Guake's style of window is based on an FPS game, and one of its goals is to be easy to reach.

Quick Installation Guide

Please refer to Installation Guide

What it looks like ?

Guake Screenshot

Drop down terminal on pressing <F12>

Note when compiling from source

Do NOT use the Tarball packages automatically generated by GitHub on the Release pages. They won't work because one of the main components of Guake build system, PBR, requires the full Git history to be available when building from source. Note this does not impact source distribution packages you can download from Pypi.

Build from sources instructions are described on this page of the Online Documentation. Please read this carefully before opening an issue!

Bugs? Information?

Important note: Do NOT use the domain, it has been registered by someone outside the team. We cannot be held responsible for the content on that web site.

This project was originally created by Gabriel Falcão, see: