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"who am i" isn't working in Guake #199

ulidtko opened this Issue · 12 comments

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The controlling tty of Guake terminals lacks the username attribute (it's empty):

% who am i
% tty
% who -a | grep pts/3     
           pts/3        2013-07-08 18:48                 0 id=/3    term=0 exit=0
[no username]

This isn't happening in gnome-terminal.

@ulidtko ulidtko was assigned

This is just to report that the bug doesn't appear is gtk3 guake (with bash as shell).


Is "who am i" a correct command? Try "whoami" instead. It works fine for me in guake.

 scrawl-desktop:~$ whoami

actually I didn't knew it, but it seems to work on a terminal. But this look like a ubuntu-stuff. I take it

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It's not an ubuntu-stuff, neither @ulidtko or I run ubuntu


I found a related discussion for mrxvt:

I'm not sure what a wtmp database is, but maybe it could help you ;)




This is on Ubuntu.

Yes, there is whoami, but who am i is also valid (and who mom likes too ☺), see man 1 who:

If ARG1 ARG2 given, -m presumed: 'am i' or 'mom likes' are usual.

wtmp/utmp database(s) just store (in binary format) records about who's logged in to the system. Programs like login, sshd write to that database.

The issue, I believe, is related to some details of how Guake initializes libvte. Have to look into this further.

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I am on Arch.
In guake whoami works but who am i, who mom likes does not.
In gnome-terminal, they all do.


I confirm than who am i doesn't work on ubuntu neither.

It is not really urgent, if someone want to fix it. I don't plan to fix it until 0.6.0


Even who -m doesn't work, so I think this is a critical bug.


Should be linked to #349

@Stibbons Stibbons modified the milestone: 0.5.1, 0.5.2

Duplicate of #349

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