Name of tabs must be of static size, otherwise is a nigthmare #54

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Name of tabs must be of static size, otherwise is a nigthmare
Reported by: jorgeecardona Owned by: somebody
Priority: major Milestone: 0.5.0
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A new feature in guake put the current path in the console as the name of the tab, but this is a pain since:

  1. If you were used to have more than 10 open tabs, now you will be able to use just 4 or 5.
  2. Even with one tab if you are in a deep path the name will fill the whole bottom section, and you will see just one tab.

I don't really know why someone hates a single "Terminal 1", but there must be an option to maintain this behaviour, a single checkbox for the crazy guys like me that loves the "Terminal x" name would be of really help.



Changed by pingou

Look for use_vte_title in the gconf of guake.

Changed by Xor

Couldn't we have the potion to show the "vte title" on a line that would appear under the tabs ?

I usually have at least 12 tabs open, and as jorgee mentionned, this is a nightmare with the title in the tabs.

BUT, I do like to have this option at the same time, as for things like emerging packages, I can see the progress in the window title. Only, in the tab name, it is not practical to me as it becomes to wide.

So, a solution would be to have the dynamic title showing in a "title bar" under the tabs line. That way, we would have the best of both world.


I have a better idea on this but this will take time

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Any update on that ?

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Duplicate of #47

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