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Control system for quantum information process in ion traps, based on Python and ARTIQ. --Mang Feng ion trap group, WIPM, CAS, P. R. China
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Control System for Quantum Information Process in Ion Traps

Updated on February 1, 2020.

This project can be used to realize experimental operations of a single qubit in the ion trap, including rabi scan, zeeman scan, and pulse shaping for rabi scan. Otherwise, for the convenience of experiment, we also Designed a convenient GUI.

1. Introduction

By controlling switches, frequency and amplitude of the laser acting on the ions, we can control the quantum state of the ions in ion traps through the principle of quantum optics. we choose FPGA as the experimental control hardware.

M-labs' Artiq integrates FPGA, AOM and DDS, and can control experimental processes through Python. based on this,we designed some functions to realize rabi scan and zeeman scan and made a customized GUI, by which physicists can control experiment much easily.



MangFeng Ion Trap Group, WIPM, CAS, P. R China

Homepage link:


  1. Guanqun Mu -Undergraduate at Wuhan University, P. R China
  2. GeYi Ding -Master at WIPM, CAS
  3. Kamran Rehan -PhD at WIPM, CAS

If you have some questions or want to be a developer, please contact Guanqun Mu:

And go to ' Manual for ' for more details.

2. Manual for Users

1. Installing Artiq5 for Windows Users

  1. Come to the link of script: , copy all the script.
  2. Create a new python file on your desktop, copy the script into the file. Name it with
  3. Command Prompt: $ python
  4. After minutes, packages Artiq5 will be installed in your PC.

2. Preparing

  1. Creating a new folder, name it with Artiq_WIPM.

  2. Create a new folder called repository inside Artiq_WIPM.

  3. Copy the file into the Artiq_WIPM. This file should be given by M-Labs guys.

  4. Click the button ' Clone or download ' of this project.

  5. Click ' Download ZIP '.

  6. Uncompress the .zip file, copy the folder repository to recover the same name folder in Artiq_WIPM.

  7. Command Prompt:

    $ activate artiq

    $ cd \Artiq_WIPM

    $ artiq_main

  8. Turn on another Command Prompt:

    $ activate artiq

    $ artiq_dashboard

3. Getting Start

  1. Go to the ' Explorer ' part in dashboard, click the ' GUIFinal ' operation, set the pipeline to 'GUI', then click ' Submit ' button.

  2. GUI will come out, change parameters (Rabi Scan/Zeeman Scan/...) , select one choice in ' Selection ' part, then Click ' Submit '.

  1. Go to the ' Explorer ' part in dashboard, select the ' Run ' operation, then click ' Submit ' button.

  2. After opreation done, photon count picture will appear at Applet.

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