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  1. proguard proguard Public

    ProGuard, Java optimizer and obfuscator

    Java 2.6k 393

  2. proguard-core proguard-core Public

    Library to read, write, analyze, and process java bytecode

    Java 269 60

  3. appsweep-gradle appsweep-gradle Public

    This Gradle plugin can be used to continuously integrate app scanning using AppSweep into your Android app build process

    Kotlin 47 3

  4. basic-device-binding-example basic-device-binding-example Public

    Kotlin 28 1

  5. android-overlay-detection android-overlay-detection Public

    A set of techniques to protect against overlays on Android

    Java 12 2

  6. flutter-re-demo flutter-re-demo Public

    Experiments on the feasibility of Flutter application reverse engineering

    Python 130 33


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