UW SE 101 Myro Domestic Security System
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Domestic Security System


The Domestic Security System takes advantage of all the diverse features that this robot has. Using the myro robot, we aim to build a domestic security management tool. While the owners of the home are asleep, the always-on robot can sense change in the lighting of the room. A timer will then be activated, if it is not turned off by entering in a pre-set security code, the robot will start beeping and take pictures.

Features Used

  • Brightness Sensors
  • IR Sensors


  • Start and End time Function
  • Check Time function
  • Check change of light
  • Send security code to Smartphone
  • Use IR Sensors to check if security code is correct

Part 1

Security system

  • Security system goes off with change of light
  • Timer starts going off
  • Person has (5s) time to input the security code.

Part 2

Security code

  • As soon as the time goes off the person’s smartphone gets a notification
  • Colours/ patterns get sent to the phone and
  • Have to show the colour to the sensor to turn it off
  • Repeat 3 times with different patterns
  • Or have sheets of colours on the robot

Part 3

If no input , calls a security number

  • Sends a message to a phone

How to get Photos Working

Will most likely give error: "IOError: decoder jpeg not available"

How to Solve:

  • Follow second answer at a link
  • ???
  • Profit