Offline messages (IM) mail forwarding for OpenSimulator
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Offline messages (IM) mail forwarding for OpenSimulator



This forwarder might look easy to setup, but it is not an easy job. Mail forwarding will expose your server. So you ABSOLUTELY need to have a secured server to avoid being hacked or used by spammers.

Among other things:

  • use SSL, disallow unencrypted access to this script
  • if you have a mail relay installed on your server, deny relay from non authenticated users;
  • avoid allowing group messages relaying if possible;
  • keep watching your OpenSimulator, mail and web server logs to detect any abuse.


  • Forward instant messages by mail when the user is offline
  • Replacement for the usual offline message script, so it also handles local delivery


It is an external script. It is called where the sender stands by the region simulator, because that's where you can call an external offline message script.

This means:

  • if somebody sends a message from another grid, it will not be forwarded because the other grid has no access to HG users email and IM preferences
  • if it is sent from a region where the script it is not installed, the message will not be forwarded either

This can be good, as it limits possible abuses, but a better approach would be to intercept the message on the grid level (in Robust instance), and from there allow or disallow forwarding from HG senders, but this would need changes in OpenSimulator core software.

So this project is, and will stay, a workaround, not perfect but useful until we or somebody else develop the core module.


On your webserver

You webserver needs access to the OpenSimulator database.

  • copy the content in a folder called "offline" (or whatever you like) in your webroot directory.
git clone offline
  • inside this directory, compy the example config file and adjust to your settings
cp config.php.example config.php

In OpenSimulator (grid or standalone)

  • In OpenSim.ini file adjust or add these setting under section [Messaging]. On a grid, this has to be set for every region.
    OfflineMessageModule = OfflineMessageModule
    ; OfflineMessageModule = "Offline Message Module V2"
    OfflineMessageURL = http://your.server/offline/offline.php
    StorageProvider = OpenSim.Data.MySQL.dll
    MuteListModule = MuteListModule
    MuteListURL = ${Const|BackOffice}/mute.php
    ForwardOfflineGroupMessages = false

In the viewer

Now mail forwarding is active on the server, but users wanting to enable it have to do it from viewer preferences (in Chat or Communication tab).