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commit 55664687a28188c2613b09ad9298362b6a19c953 1 parent 7ebe5eb
@Guest007 authored
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4 eurocard/
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
url(r'^price/', views.price, name='price'),
url(r'^cooperation/', views.cooperation, name='cooperation'),
url(r'^contacts/', views.contacts, name='contacts'),
- url(r'^fastform/', orders.fastform, name='f_order'),
- url(r'^easyform/', orders.easyform, name='e_order'),
+ url(r'^form_2/', orders.fastform, name='f_order'),
+ url(r'^form_1/', orders.easyform, name='e_order'),
# Ajax actions
url(r"^second/(?P<pk>\d+)/$", orders.nextstep_order, name="ajax-nextstep-order"),
url(r"^(?P<pk>\d+)/(?P<step>\d+)/$", orders.edit_fast, name="edit-fast"),
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