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The VRPConnector comes with a very bare theme not tailored to the specific needs of a single company, vacation rental property manager or owner. This requires that all new installs must be themed to match your company's marketing needs.

Copying the theme files

Do NOT edit the theme files in the plugin directory as they will be over-written when the plugin is updated!

  1. From within your wordpress theme directory create a directory named vrp. It should look something like this: /wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/vrp/
  2. Copy all the content in VRPConnector_plugin_directory/themes/mountainsunset/ to your theme directories vrp folder /themes/your_theme_name/vrp/. You should now have all the theme files in the base of the vrp directory. For example: /themes/your_theme_name/vrp/results.php
  3. Begin customizing your theme files.

Theme Files Explained


Single unit display. All the data available from your property management software is made available to this template page. The following information is generally made available to visitors:

  • Unit Name
  • Photo Gallery
  • Description
  • Availability calendar
  • Rates (Seasonal)
  • Check availability & rate quote (this is usually how the guest will proceed to booking)
  • Reviews
  • and all other available unit metadata that you may want to present to the guest.


This displays the availability search results.


Single complex display. Information regarding the complex itself and all the units within that complex is made available to this template page. Complexes are created and maintained from within the account.


All theme functions are located in this file.

  • Pagination link functions
  • Sorting link functions


This is the wrapper for booking steps 1 through 3.


Reservation rental agreement


optional package selection when packages are available. (often unused)


Allows previous Guest login (often unused)


Guest information and payment details


Booking placed & order confirmation information displayed.



Used to display a list of specials via vrp/specials/list


Used to display a single special via vrp/specials/%slug% or vrp/specials/%id%

Shortcode Specific


Used to display the results from the [vrpUnits] shortcode.


Used to display the Complexes on the page where [vrpComplexes] shortcode is used.


Currently this contains the search form that has yet to be wrapped by the [vrpSearchForm] shortcode although it soon will and is intended for use as a sidebar widget to begin or revise search results.


Used to display the content for the [vrpAdvancedSearchForm] shortcode.


Used to display the unit comparisons on the page where [vrpCompare] shortcode is used.


Used to display the available specials on the page where [vrpSpecials] shortcode is used.

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