Discord DJ Bot. Play music in your server. Inspired by PlugDJ
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Discord DJ Bot. Let you play music in your server. Inspired by PlugDJ

NEWS DiscordDJ is being totally recoded! Check here for the progress


  • Play a video or playlist from YouTube
  • Play a track or set from Soundcloud
  • Play a track or playlist from Spotify
  • Play a stream from Icecast/Shoutcast/Radionomy
  • Play audio and video files
  • Play a playlist file
  • Full control over the behavior with Components
  • Built on its own API wrapper for a faster experience
  • Open Source
  • Developer API (Soon, you will be able to implement your own components, playables, playlists, encoders and decoders)

Optional Modules

Most of the modules below require node-gyp, which is known for causing problems mainly on Windows, that's why they're optional

  • musicmetadata: For reading file metadata
  • lame: For native mp3 decoding (no FFmpeg/avconv needed)
  • node-chiptune: For decoding tracker music
  • node-opus: For faster Opus encoding
  • sodium: For faster audio encryption
  • bufferutil: For faster WebSockets
  • utf-8-validate: For faster WebSockets