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This project contains code for syncing Google Drive data with a Guidebook Guide.


What you will need

  1. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) account
  2. A Guide set up in Builder with an empty CustomList
  3. An API key from Builder
  4. A Google Drive folder
  5. A Google Cloud Platform project

Environment Setup

  1. Create a virtualenv and run pip install -r requirements.txt to get the package dependencies.

Initial Data Load

This project uses a scheduled Google Drive lambda to add, update and remove files as CustomListItems in Builder. However, an initial data load must be performed to populate the guide with data.

Steps to load data:

  1. Update all of the values in to your settings
  2. Run python from within your virtualenv.

Google Drive Setup

  1. Create a Google Cloud Platform project
  2. In IAM and Admin for this project, create a service account. This will be used for authentication.
  3. Under the new service account, create a private JSON key. Download the key - the contents will be used in settings and parameter store to authenticate the requests to Google Drive.
  4. In APIs and Services for this project, enable the Google Drive API.
  5. In Google Drive, navigate to the folder that contains the files you want uploaded to CustomListItems in Builder. Share the folder with your service account.

Lambdas Setup

Steps to setup lambdas:

  1. Login to your AWS account and create a new lambdas
  2. Create a deployment package for your lambda and either upload the package to AWS via the console or using lambda-uploader The lambda code is contained in:
  3. Schedule your lambda to run every five minutes.
  4. Add the following parameters to AWS Systems Manager (Parameter Store)
Name Type Value
/lambdas/googledrivewebhookreceiver/api_key SecureString Your Builder API key
/lambdas/googledrivewebhookreceiver/guide_and_list_ids String List of guide and custom list ids to update in Builder, ex: (<guide1_id>, <list1_id>), (<guide2_id>, <list2_id>)
/lambdas/googledrivewebhookreceiver/service_account_credentials SecureString The credentials dictionary for your service account generated for the project.
/lambdas/googledrivewebhookreceiver/start_page String The starting page of changes to watch in Google Drive.
/lambdas/googledrivewebhookreceiver/drive_folder_name String The name of the folder to watch in Google Drive.
  1. Deploy the lambda.


Sample code for syncing Google Drive data with a Guidebook Guide via webhooks






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