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This project contains code for syncing Zenefits HR data with a Guidebook Guide via webhooks.


What you will need

  1. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) account
  2. A Guide set up in Builder with an empty CustomList
  3. An API key from Builder
  4. A Zenefits account
  5. A Zenefits app key

Environment Setup

  1. Create a virtualenv and run pip install -r requirements.txt to get the package dependencies.

Initial Data Load

This project uses webhooks in Zenefits to add, update and remove employees from a CustomList in Builder. However, an initial data load must be performed to populate the guide with data.

Steps to load data:

  1. Update all of the values in to your settings
  2. Run python from within your virtualenv.

Lambdas Setup

Steps to setup lambdas:

  1. Login to your AWS account and create three new lambdas
  2. Create deployment packages for each of the lambdas and either upload the package to AWS via the console or using lambda-uploader The lambdas are contained in:
  1. Create an API Gateway and add the three lambdas as resources
  2. Add the following parameters to AWS Systems Manager (Parameter Store)
Name Type Value
/lambdas/zenefitswebhookreceiver/api_key SecureString Your Builder API key
/lambdas/zenefitswebhookreceiver/guide_and_list_ids String List of guide and custom list ids to update in Builder, ex: (<guide1_id>, <list1_id>), (<guide2_id>, <list2_id>)
/lambdas/zenefitswebhookreceiver/zenefits_app_key SecureString Your Zenefits App Key
  1. Deploy the lambdas and API Gateway

Webhooks Setup

In order for the lambdas to receive data from Zenefits, several webhooks will need to be setup to push the data to our lambdas. Login to your Zenefits account and create the following webhooks:

Zenefits Events Lambda
people.did_change update_existing_employee_webhook_receiver_lambda
employments.did_terminate remove_employee_webhook_receiver
employments.did_start add_new_employee_webhook_receiver_lambda
More information about Zenefits events can be found here


Sample code for syncing Zenefits HR data with a Guidebook Guide via webhooks







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