Ruby API for the TetraHIS (GP management software) patient agenda module
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Ruby TetraHIS

API for the TetraHIS (GP management software) patient agenda module

Example Use

Require the gem from your project and initialize a new HIS instance with the Tetra service URI and your credentials:

require 'tetra_his'

The HIS instance exposes a number of RPC calls to the Tetra API. These calls always return a Earlydoc::Tetra::Response object. e.g.

response = tetra.get_agendas

The response object exposes a data method which contains the models, if any, which were returned from the Tetra HIS service: => [<Earlydoc::Tetra::Agenda>,..] => [<Earlydoc::Tetra::SlotList>,..]
tetra.get_agenda_slots( + 3.days ).data => [<Earlydoc::Tetra::SlotList>,..]
tetra.get_agenda_settings( practice_id )
tetra.get_agenda_slots_with_settings( ['Consult', 'Spreekuur', 'Telefonisch consult', 'Koffie'] )
tetra.find_agenda( agenda_id ).data => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Agenda> => [<Earlydoc::Tetra::SchemaBlock>,..]

Use the appointment methods to manage appointments for known patients, or unknown patients with search params:

tetra.find_patient_appointments( patient_id ).data => [<Earlydoc::Tetra::Appointment>,..]
tetra.cancel_patient_appointment( appointment_id )
tetra.make_appointment( agenda_id, patient_id, + 1.hour, + 90.minutes, 'any additional remarks' ).data => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Appointment>
tetra.make_appointment( agenda_id, {:last_name => surname, :email => email_addr, :birthday => bday}, + 1.hour, + 90.minutes, 'any additional remarks' ).data => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Appointment>

Use the find_patient method with search params to locate patients:

tetra.find_patient( :bsn => patient_bsn ).data => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Patient>
tetra.find_patient( :last_name => surname ).data => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Patient>
tetra.find_patient( :last_name => surname, :sex => 'M', :birthday => bday ).data => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Patient>

Error Handling and Debugging

Check the response for an API error, and inspect it for details about the error:

response = tetra.get_agendas
if response.error?
  p "#{response.error_code} #{response.error_message}"

Print out the request XML by passing a debug flag as the final arg to the Tetra client constructor: ', 'un, 'pass', true

The last request body can also be accessed through the client's body accessor (as an xml string):

tetra.body => <XML::Document>.to_s

Tetra Models

The various Tetra models represent the Tetra API's xml objects, and expose accessors on that data: => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Agenda @name=nil, @id=nil>

The models also expose a to_xml method that returns Tetra API-compatible XML: => "<AgendaOmschrijving><AgendaId></AgendaId><Naam></Naam></AgendaOmschrijving>"

The available Tetra models are:

  • Earlydoc::Tetra::Agenda => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Agenda @name=nil, @id=nil>
  • Earlydoc::Tetra::SchemaBlock => <Earlydoc::Tetra::SchemaBlock @id=nil, @name=nil>
  • Earlydoc::Tetra::SlotList => <[<Earlydoc::Tetra::Slot>] @from=nil @to=nil @schema_block_id=nil @doctor=nil>
  • Earlydoc::Tetra::Slot => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Slot @id=nil, @agenda_id=nil, @begin=nil, @end=nil, @available=nil, @doctor=nil>
  • Earlydoc::Tetra::Patient => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Patient @id=nil @birthday=nil @sex=nil @last_name=nil, @full_name=nil>
  • Earlydoc::Tetra::Appointment => <Earlydoc::Tetra::Appointment>


Run the /test/integration_test_.rb file tests in order to test API methods against a live server. The necessary constants - YOUR_SERVICE_IP, YOUR_USERNAME, and YOUR_PASSWORD should be set manually in the rb file. By default, the integration tests are configured with skip; to run the integration tests, the skip line must be removed/commented out.


This Gem depends on the following core libraries:


The Ruby Tetra-HIS Gem is published under the New BSD license.