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tutosdjango app for Django Blog zinnia

Here is the code source for the blog Tutos-Django.com.
This blog works using zinnia 0.10.dev ! and no inferior version, so be carefull !

You should also have pygments 1.4 installed too.

I included some custom css ans images, and modified some zinnia templates to make it sexy for my own need :)

You need to know few things for testing this app.
First check the folder init:
It contains a settings.py and an urls.py files example you should place in your project, not in the tutosdjango app ! So move them now !
You can also see that a public directory exists. This directory should be placed in your project as urls.py and settings.py.
This public directory is where your production server should redirect, see the settings.py for more comprehnsion.

And as you can see these settings are made for a production mode !
And be carefull some of my templatetags (img_resize.py) use media_root and media_url variable. So don't forget to set them !

You need to do two others things now for displaying the media of zinnia and the admin interface for making tutosdjango app run:
Create into your static directory (present in the public directory) two symbols links:
admin -> /path_where_django_is_installed/python/django/1.3.1/django/contrib/admin/media/
zinnia -> /path_where_zinnia_is_installed/zinnia/static/zinnia/

Zinnia 0.10.dev uses django 1.3 AND static files so, you need to do this.

Another thing is when you create an entry in the admin interface, if you want to highlight your code, don't forget to add 'pre'
code to it using the "preformatted" button of the interface.
For highlighting python code, modify the html generated and include attribute 'lang="python"' to your 'pre'  balise.

You can do this for bash, python_console and html (see highlight.py templatetag for more information):

Some examples:
bash : <pre lang="bash">$ cd ~</pre>
python : <pre lang="python">from __future__ import this</pre>
html : <pre lang="html">&lt;img src="logo.png"&gt;</pre>
python_console : <pre lang="python_console">import this</pre>

So be carefull when you want to edit in the admin interface, be sure inside your pre balises there is no '<' '>' characters (non exhaustive).
Otherwise, you'll have a lot of errors in rendering your post.
The best way to do it : write the code, preformat it, add the attribute lang by displaying the html code generated.
If you want to edit the code : make your preformatted code in a paragraph mode, edit it, and preformat it, readd lang attribute.

A templatetag for resizing images has been done too, you can see it : img_resize.py. By default it set the max-width of your
images uploades in the uploads directory to 600px. So as you can see, it's only apply to images in this particular directory !

Hope you'll like the source code for tutosdjango ;)