rustdoc-stripper is a tool used to edit/remove rustdoc comments from your code
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rustdoc-stripper Build Status

rustdoc-stripper is a tool used to remove rustdoc comments from your code and save them in a comments.cmts file if you want to regenerate them.


Available options for rustdoc-stripper are:

  • -h | --help : Displays this help
  • -s | --strip : Strips the current folder files and create a file with rustdoc information (comments.cmts by default)
  • -g | --regenerate : Recreate files with rustdoc comments from reading rustdoc information file (comments.cmts by default)
  • -n | --no-file-output : Display rustdoc information directly on stdout
  • -i | --ignore [filename]: Ignore the specified file, can be repeated as much as needed, only used when stripping files, ignored otherwise
  • -d | --dir [directory] : Specify a directory path to work on, optional
  • -v | --verbose : Activate verbose mode
  • -f | --force : Remove confirmation demands
  • -m | --ignore-macros : macros in hierarchy will be ignored (so only macros with doc comments will appear in the comments file)
  • -o | --comment-file : specify the file within you want to save rustdoc information

By default, rustdoc is run with -s option:

./rustdoc-stripper -s

IMPORTANT: Only files ending with '.rs' will be stripped/regenerated.