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Assets in release

  • argon-nx.bin: ArgonNX payload ready to inject it via TegraGUI or TegraSmash.
  • sd-files.zip: Basic structure of ArgonNX for sd card. Includes a custom background, minerva training and a custom title.
  • sd-example.zip: Fully functional ArgonNX example. Includes the following CFW with custom logos
    • Hekate 4.6
    • ReiNX 2.0
    • Atmosphere 0.8.2
    • SXOS 2.5 (You need to use your licence)


  1. Download argon-nx.bin
  2. Download and unzip sd-files.zip directly to your sd card root.
  3. Inject argon-nx.bin using TegraGUI, Trinked0 or any modchip or dongle.

Changelog v0.2

  • Cancel autolaunch/autochainloading of argon/payload.bin by holding VOL_DOWN_BUTTON when ArgonNX is booting.
  • Minerva training to improve performance.
  • Custom background. Just place your custom background inside argon directory and name it background.bmp. Use of custom background is optional.
  • Custom title. Just place your custom title inside argon directory and name it title.bmp. Use of custom title is optional.
  • By default ArgonNX uses dark background instead of the white one in v0.1.
  • Payloads' names now are centred below the logo.
  • Partial touch support. To enable touch support create an empty file called touch inside argon directory.
  • Take Screenshots to share your argon configuration!
  • Improve system stability to enhance user experience.

Check README.md for more details