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@Guillem96 Guillem96 released this Sep 7, 2019

Assets in the release

  • The zip files contains all the needed resources to run argon.


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Drag and drop argon folder on the sd card root.
  3. (Optional) Remember you can add your custom logos and payloads inside argon/logos and argon/payloads.
  4. Inject the argon-nx.bin payload to your switch in RCM mode using tegrasmash or TegraGUI.

Changelog v1.1-alpha

  • Fixing critical bug. Now ArgonNX launches using any payload sender.
  • Argon now is composed by 2 payloads (2 stages).
    1. First stage configures hardware
    2. Second stage loads the GUI
  • Bootlogo/splash and wait until GUI is loaded.
  • Improve system stability to enhance user experience.

Check for more details.

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