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Media 1.3.0 beta1 is now available for Zikula 2.0.11+.

Please post any feedback into our Slack channels.

Noteworthy changes:

  • Migrated to Zikula 2
  • Removed all usages of legacy utils
  • Replaced legacy standard fields by a trait
  • Updated to Symfony 3.4
  • Removed unneeded Twig extensions in favour of alternatives provided by Zikula core
  • Composer vendor updates
  • JavaScript vendor updates
  • Added VideoJS
  • Refactored hook subscribers and providers to non-persisted hooks
  • Added form-aware hook subscribers for collections and media
  • Made imagine stuff compatible with LiipImagineBundle
  • Migrated CKEditor plugin to Scribite 6
  • Added support for other Scribite editors
  • Added support for collection template options in collection block
  • Updated German translations
  • Added ability to insert download links
  • Implemented content types for adding media and collections to Content 5 pages