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GitHub Action for Zikula modules

This repository contains a GitHub Action for building and testing Zikula modules.

For more information about Zikula visit it's project repository.

This action downloads and installs a specific Zikula core version in order to check and test a module.


  1. Name of vendor. Example: Acme.
  2. Name of module without vendor and Module suffix. Example: News.
  3. Version of module using SemVer notation. Example: 1.0.0.
  4. The Zikula version which should be used. Must be one of the following options:
    • ZK30 - Targets the last stable Zikula 3.0.x version.
    • ZK3DEV - Targets the last unstable Zikula 3.x version (Git branch).
    • ZK20 - Targets the last stable Zikula 2.0.x version.
    • ZK2DEV - Targets the last unstable Zikula 2.x version (Git branch).
    • ZK15 - Targets the last stable Zikula 1.5.x version.
    • ZK15DEV - Targets the last unstable Zikula 1.5.x version (Git branch).
  5. Path to the directory containing the extensions/ folder (including trailing slash). Default "".
  6. Whether to create module archives as build artifacts (set to true). Default false.
  7. Host of database. Default mysql.
    • Note that during a workflow's execution all containers (job, service, actions) get attached to the same user defined bridge network on the host, meaning all the containers can reach each other over that network, not via the host's localhost networking. Thus, this action connects to your database using the name of the corresponding service as hostname.
  8. Port of database. Default 3306.
    • Note this is the default port (read explanation for database_host above).
  9. User of database. Default zikula.
  10. Password of database. Default zikula.
  11. Name of database. Default zikula.
  12. Comma-separated list of desired analysis tools or all for all tools.
    • Can be used to improve performance by skipping unwanted tools.
    • Ensure that it also contains a comma at the start and the end.
    • Default value: ",php-parallel-lint,lint:container,lint:yaml,lint:twig,translations,doctrine-info,php-cs-fixer,phpunit-bridge,security-checker,phploc,phpmetrics,php-coupling-detector,".

Currently supported tools


If create_artifacts is set to true then as a result you will have a directory named AcmeNewsModule_v1.0.0 including vendor dependencies which can be used for a release.

Example usage

uses: docker://guite/zikula-action:latest
  args: Zikula MultiHook 1.0.0 ZK3DEV src/ true

A sample project using this GitHub Action can be found here.

Usage without GitHub Actions

The Docker image for this action is built automatically and located here:

You can run it in any given directory like this:

docker run --rm -it -w=/app -v ${PWD}:/app guite/zikula-action:latest Zikula MultiHook 1.0.0 ZK3DEV src/ true