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Gulden is a revolutionary next generation blockchain based currency and payment system.
Gulden takes the blockchain concept to a whole new level; improving on multiple downsides and deficiencies in the earlier implementations of blockchain.

The project is driven at the core by a focus on key concepts like usability and quality which shows through in our software.

Join the Gulden project today and help build the future!

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All code, binaries and other assets in this repository are subject to The Gulden license except where explicitely stated otherwise.


If you are thinking about contributing toward the development of Gulden in some capacity whether small or large, code or translating; Please read this guide first for information on how to do so.

Technical documentation


Connect with the community through one or more of the following:



The latest binaries and installers can be found here for all platforms, including raspbian.


Reconsider whether it is actually necessary for you to build. Binaries for both the UI software as well as the command line/server are provided by us at every release for multiple architectures. For users who are not developers a lot of headaches can be avoided by simply using these.

If you are sure you need to build the software yourself, please read the build instructions before attempting to build the software.

Additional technical information

Technical specifications Main network Testnet
Consensus algorithm: PoW² Scrypt/Witness PoW² Scrypt/Witness
Recommended transaction confirmations: 2 2
Block reward scrypt: 80 NLG 1000 NLG
Block reward witness: 20 NLG 20 NLG
Block interval target: 150 seconds (2.5 minutes) Configurable
Difficulty adjustment period: Every block Every block
Difficulty adjustment algorithm: Delta Delta
Total coins to be minted over time: 1680M -
P2P Port 9231 9923
RPC Port 9232 9924
P2P Network Header fcfef7e0 Look in debug.log
Address version byte 38 (G) 65 (T)
P2SH version byte 98 (g) 127 (t)
BIP44 coin type 87 0x80000057 87 0x80000057
Infrastructure Main network Testnet
Official block explorer -
Community block explorer -
Community block explorer
DNS Seed 1 -
DNS Seed 2 -
DNS Seed 3 -