@mjmacleod mjmacleod released this Aug 29, 2018 · 17 commits to master since this release

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UI - Improve visual look of the "all" button in the send coins dialog.
UI - Fix a problem with increasing memory consumption over time that was affecting some users.
UI - Fix an issue where emptying an "unlocked" witness account first required restarting the wallet.
UI - Fix an issue where an "unlocked" witness account would show incorrect statistical information.
CORE - Reduce memory footprint and improve performance of witness validation.

@mjmacleod mjmacleod released this Aug 17, 2018 · 40 commits to master since this release

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UI - Display full converted balance in upper left for forex (Euro or other currency) display instead of only available balance; Add a tooltip to break down the different amounts when hovered over.
UI - Fix an issue where the transaction list would sometimes show confusing more recent timestamps when importing a witness-only key or recovering from phrase.
RPC - New command "getaddress" as a way to easily get Gulden address(es) from a pubkey or script.
RPC - New command "emptymempool" to temporarily empty the mempool of all transactions, useful for debugging as well as a last resort tool if mining pools ever find themselves in a situation where mempool is somehow misbehaving.
RPC - Fix a crash when calling 'validateaddress' with no wallet.
CORE - Fix a "CreateBlock" issue that was triggering in rare circumstances and affecting "getblocktemplate" RPC calls by miners when it did.
CORE - Fix a crash that can occur du ring rescan when using zapwallettxes.
CORE - Enable witness renewal and emptying of witness accounts whose lock period has expired - from block 797000 onwards.
CMDFLAG - New command line flag "-disablenet" to start with networking disabled, useful in some debugging scenarios.
CMDFLAG - New command line flag "-zmqpubstalledwitness" to turn on zmq monitoring for stalled witnesses.
ZMQ - Add new message "stalledwitness" which can be used by services to monitor for slow and absent witnesses - enabled via CMDFLAG "zmqpubstalledwitness"

@mjmacleod mjmacleod released this Aug 7, 2018 · 99 commits to master since this release

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RPC - Make "getrescanprogress" command more responsive.
UI - Fix an issue with "orphaned" witness earnings incorrectly showing as part of account balance.
UI - Add a user alert message if number of witnesses on the network drops below 100 as a precaution to help keep the number of witnesses high.
UI - Fix a bug with wallet rescan progress display.
UI - Another fix to prevent "Failed to calculate witness info for candidate block" dialog from showing in situations where it isn't really harmful.
UI - Fix an issue some users were having with unlocking wallet.
UI - Fix an issue where the receive coins dialog would, when creating a new account, in certain instances temporarily show the address for a different account.
UI - Allow emptying of non-witness funds if normal funds are somehow sent to a witness account address.
UI - Fix a small glitch where empty wallet balance would occasionally display as -0.00
UI - Fix a transaction view issue where "locked from" transactions were occasionally displayed as "received from" instead.
RPC - Fix a small issue with one of the weights being output incorrectly in getwitnessinfo command.
RPC - Add some additional PoW² related output to 'getblock' and 'getheader' calls.
RPC - Fix an occasional/intermittent issue where getblocktemplate would fail when called by mining pools
CMDFLAG - Default "minimallogging" flag to on for arm and aarch64 architectures.
CORE - Fix a block relay issue that combined with other factors was occasionally leading to temporary chain stalls.

@mjmacleod mjmacleod released this Jul 26, 2018 · 157 commits to master since this release

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CORE - Major witness validation performance improvement and memory usage reduction due to partial chain cloning
CORE - Move some invalid block logic earlier in the block check process, this should help address some issues users have been experiencing as well as further stabalise the network.
CORE - Simplify phase2/phase3 checks now that we know the final blocks where they activated; This will help performance in various ways and simplifies the code.
CORE - Some minor performance improvements
UI - Fix an underlying issue that was causing a "scary" looking message dialog to occasionally pop up and bother some users.
UI - Fix an issue with witness earnings graph display for units other than "blocks"
CMDFLAG - Add a new flag limitdeltadiffdrop=n for mining pools, larger mining pools should set this to 0. Medium pools 1-6, very small pools can leave it off.
CMDFLAG - Add new "minimallogging" flag for the benefit of users with limited disk space e.g. pi users

Jul 23, 2018
Official build v2.0.0.8

@mjmacleod mjmacleod released this Jul 19, 2018 · 233 commits to master since this release

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CORE - Stability fix for a minor crash issue some users might otherwise experience in phase 3.
UI - Some very minor localisation and UI cleanups
UI - Fix a balance display issue
WALLET - Implement detection for an issue with incorrect HD index counter incrementing that may have affected some users in past versions of the software. Users who are affected are in no immediate danger but should be warned to rectify the issue regardless.
NET - No longer advertise or establish outgoing connections to outdated (1.6.x) peers but allow incoming connections from them.