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This release incorporates three new major feature branches, which combined involve over a year of intense development effort:

UI - New "witness overview" dialog with info and statistics on witness accounts, complete with a graph showing current and predicted earnings.
UI - New "witness fund" dialog, with estimate to help pick the right weight when funding an account.
CORE - New blockchain consensus rules for a PoW² driven blockchain with determistic witnessing.
CORE - New address type for two key witness accounts
CORE - New account types for witnessing, including special behaviour (hardening) of the witness key chain so that witness keys can be shared without compromising wallet security.
CORE - New witness-only account types for linked witnessing between main wallet and a backup witness device.
CORE - Automatic witnessing of incoming blocks in exchange for rewards
RPC - New commands:
View a statistical/informational snapshot of the witness system for any block in the blockchain - getwitnessinfo "block_specifier" verbose mine_only
Create a new witness account - createwitnessaccount "name"
Lock funds into a witness account - fundwitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" "amount" "time" "force_multiple"
Add funds to a witness account and/or extend the lock period - extendwitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" "amount" "time"
Add funds to a witness address and/or extend the lock period - extendwitnessaddress "funding_account" "witness_address" "amount" "time"
Export a URL for creation of a linked "witness-only" account - getwitnessaccountkeys "witness_account"
Import a "witness-only" account from a URL that has previously been exported - importwitnesskeys "account_name" "encoded_key_url" "create_account"
Split a witness account into multiple witness addresses; Lock period is not changed this exists for the benefit of users whose weight is too large for the network - splitwitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" "amounts"
Merge multiple identical witness addresses into a single one; Only works on identical accounts i.e. ones that have previously been split - mergewitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account"
Renew a witness account that has expired due to failiure to witness - renewwitnessaccount "witness_account"
Change the witness key on an account where the key may have been compromised or as a periodic precaution - rotatewitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account"
Change the witness key on an account where the key may have been compromised or as a periodic precaution - rotatewitnessaddress "funding_account" "witness_address"
Set a witness account to compound all or part of the earnings it receives (phase 4 only) - setwitnesscompound "witness_account" "amount"
Check the compounding settings for a witness account - getwitnesscompound "witness_account"
Set an address or script other than the default for witness reward payout - setwitnessrewardscript "witness_account" "address_or_script" force_pubkey
Get the current address or script that has been set for witness reward payout - getwitnessrewardscript "witness_account"
RPC - GetBlockTemplate support for mining in conjunction with phase 3 witnessing.

CORE - Implement fixes for transaction malleability
CORE - Implement new more compact transaction format
CORE - Implement two new transaction types "StandardKeyHash" and "PoW2_Witness"
CORE - Implement version scheme allowing easy future creation of additional compact special purpose transactions
CORE - Witness based version bit activation, for better control of future updates. Feature activation can now be controlled by "miner voting", "witness voting" or a combination at developer discretion.

  • Sonic - The sonic project involves multiple changes to the p2p networking stack within Gulden.
    Highlights include: A switch to boost::asio for the networking stack to replace the old select() based networking code; Multiple improvements to the initial chain synchronisation process, including reverse header synchronisation, making it drastically faster; Removal of limitations to how many peers a server can handle, which helps solve scalability/congestion issues on the network in peak usage periods.

  • Non exhaustive list of additional general changes.
    UI - Gulden desktop client gains an automatic update check to alert users of updates. Update check is cryptographically secured to ensure that it cannot be tampered with.
    UI - Improved handling of wallet alerts/warnings through a new warning dialog.
    UI - New "all" button on send coin screen to send all funds.
    UI - Major reworking of send coin screen including improved Nocks integration and many other bug fixes.
    UI - Improve handling of small window sizes; hide some window elements on smaller windows when necessary.
    UI - Add localisation for the loading/splash screen when wallet first opens.
    CORE - Improved handling of "private key" imports.
    CORE - Major performance improvements for wallets with lots of transactions.
    CORE - Major performance improvements for wallets with lots of accounts.
    CORE - Performance improvements when creating new accounts.
    CORE - Numerous other performance improvements throughout the wallet.
    CORE - Major reworking of application life cycle management (open/close); so that it is faster and more consistent across applications. This forms the first step of our future "Unity" project, and fixes various crash at exit bugs and possible sources of wallet corruption.
    CMDFLAG - Add a -windowtitle command flag, primarily intended to be used to assist with testing so that multiple program instances can be easily distinguished.
    CMDFLAG - Add a new -disableui flag to start with just a RPC console (and wallet); Useful for some types of debugging.
    RPC - New command 'getaccountbalances' return a list of individual balances for all accounts.
    RPC - New command 'listunspentforaccount' as account specific counterpart for listunspent.
    RPC - New command 'rescan' to trigger a wallet rescan (Same as Tools>rescan via UI).
    RPC - New command 'getrescanprogress' to view the progress percentageof an ongoing wallet rescan.
    RPC - New command 'getimmaturebalance' as conterpart to 'getunconfirmedbalance'
    RPC - Add account capability to 'sendmany' command.
    RPC - Modify 'listaccounts' command to take an optional second paramater to filter on account state. Add a new "state" field to the output and clarify better the difference between "type" and "HD_type"

And many more changes and bug fixes, for a comprehensive list view the commit history on our github repository.