Configuration files for a Gentoo installation as an HTPC in a MacMini
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Gentoo as HTPC on MacMini Mid2012 with Kodi

Here is all required Gentoo configuration files to configure and install Gentoo on a Mac Mini Mid 2012. This configuration files are focus to use the Mac Mini as an HTPC with a light configuration.

Gentoo installation information

  • OpenRC
  • UEFI Stub kernel (No refind / refit / grub2 ...)
  • Awesome WM (No Gnome/KDE or any graphical configuration tools installed)
  • Kodi (Actually Krypton beta7)
  • Steam
  • Zattoo with Kodi PVR/EPG support

This installation will start automatically Awesome WM with a user call kodi at the end of the boot sequence. Awesome WM will start automatically Kodi to have our Mac Mini ready to use directly after the boot. The input will be mainly do with the Apple Remote for Kodi and an Xbox One controller for Steam. There is also the ability to pair keyboard/mouse by bluetooth.

All How-To can be found here: